Studioware May 2010 Newsletter

Studioware May 2010



We’ve had a busy Spring with Studioware with over 50 Businesses signing up to try Studioware.  I welcome all of the business that are evaluating Studioware and if anyone has any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me (send me an email at and I will promptly reply).  Now is the perfect time to use Studioware to help you manage your Spring/Summer classes.


Recently, there has been three major enhancements with Studioware:

  1. Online Class EnrollmentYour Students and Families can now enroll in your classes directly from your website. New students/familes will be prompted to registrer and existing students/familes will generate a password to access the Parent Portal. This is a huge time saver, now you don’t have to entry in your new student’s information and enroll them in classes, they do it themselves!…[more information]
  2. Online Bill/Invoice PaymentsConsider this scenario: At the beginning of the month, you log into Studioware and click on a button to generate your student/families/payee invoices. The invoices are automatically generated and emailed to the payees. The email contains the invoice details and a “Pay Now” link. You students/families/payees simply click on the “Pay Now” link and you start collecting money! Studioware tracks the status of all invoices and provides reports of unpaid balances. Studioware makes running your business easier.
  3. Studioware Premium EditionThe Basic Edition of Studioware is free and allows for unlimited Students, Staff, and Classes. The Premium Edition contains additional functionality that is not found in the Basic Edition. The Premium Edition is now available for purchase. Unlike all of our competitors, the Premium Edition only charges you for what you use…instead of a huge flat fee. For example, if your studio has 200 students but only 80 of them are currently enrolled in classes, the Premium Edition only charges you for the 80 students…[more information]

Customer Spotlight:

Here’s what Tracey Aitken from Zenergy Fitness Studio had to say about Studioware:

I opened a small Fitness Studio four months ago and was in desperate need of a program that could help me organize my clients, classes, instructors, class income and accessories sold at the Studio. As a brand new businesswoman, I had no idea how to keep track of everything but Studioware proved to be instrumental in helping me build a solid organized system as the foundation for my company. Over the past four months, I have emailed dozens of questions and always get a prompt reply with the perfect solution. Donald from Studioware even took an hour out of his busy day to do a video conference with me, showing me step by step how to set up my classes. I cannot tell you how valuable that service was to me and how much I appreciated it. Studioware has asked my opinion when developing new sectors to their program and it’s been my pleasure to give my feedback. Studioware is the perfect program for my company and makes my life and my business run very smoothly. This program allowed me to organize everything is such an extensive fashion that it saves me a lot of time and confusion. If you’re looking for a program to help run your gym or studio, I highly recommend this program. Do yourself a favor, get Studioware.


Thank you

Studioware by QuestWare, LLC.


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