Studioware August 2010 Newsletter

Studioware August 2010


Are You Ready?

Fall is just around the corner and fall classes will be starting soon!  Are you ready?  Studioware helps you organize your business by
allowing you to track students, staff, classes, enrollment, tuition, and more.  Did you know with Studioware you can:

  • Allow your students and families to enroll in your classes online.  Online enrollment is simple to setup and it saves you hours of administrative work.
  • Track all of your students, staff, classes, enrollment, and waiting lists.  Studioware’s easy to use interface makes it simple to use.
  • Generate invoices!  The invoices can be printed and mailed, or the invoices can be emailed to payees.  Studioware allows the payees to pay the invoices online and also tracks the status of the invoices; You can easily see which invoices have been emailed, which invoices have been viewed by the payees, and invoices that have (or have not) been paid-in-full.
  • Studioware contains many financial reports that track your business’s profitability.

Studioware contains hundreds of features and is available for only $20 (USD) a Month!

Recent Enhancements

Studioware now tracks all of your communication with your students, staff, student contacts, and student payees with our new Custom Letters enhancement.  Custom Letters allow you to merge your Student or Staff data into a letter that can be emailed.  The Custom Letters can be emailed to individual students or staff, all the students from a class, all the students in your students, students with outstanding invoices… can even accumulate a list of students for a custom letter simply by searching for the student by their last name.

 Custom Letters

Read more about Custom Letters

Why do you need Custom Letters?

Consider these scenarios:

  1. It’s the 16th of the month and you have overdue invoices that have not been paid-in-full.  You can use a custom letter to email the payees of the outstanding invoices to remind them a payment is due!  The custom letter can contain custom letter fields that can be merged with the student’s name and address, the list of the classes the student is enrolled in, the tuition charges on the student’s account, and a friendly reminder that the balance is due and is subject to a late fee if not paid.
  2. The students/families of a class need to be reminded to order their costumes for the recital.  You can easily create a custom letter and email it to the students in a class….All with just the click of a button in Studioware.
  3. You need to close the studio and cancel all classes because of bad weather in the winter.  You could email a custom letter to every student in the studio detailing the reason for the closed studio and any additional information you need to communicate.

Custom letters save you time and money by efficiently communicating with your students.  We encourage you to Logon to Studioware and try out the Custom letters.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at:

Studioware by QuestWare, LLC




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