Studioware July 2010 Newsletter

Studioware July 2010


Are You in Control of Your Studio?

Are you still running your studio on pieces of paper that are scattered across your desk?  Maybe you’ve organized your student and class lists in a spreadsheet, but you’re struggling to keep the information up to date (and you really could benefit from financial reports to help you run your business and guide your future decisions).

You need Studioware!

You Teach, Studioware does the rest!

Studioware tracks your students, staff, classes, invoices, payments, enrollment, waiting lists, schedules, financial transactions, and more.
Studioware saves you time by letting your students enroll and pay invoices online. This frees up your time to expand and grow your business.

And Studioware is only $20 (USD) a Month!

Recent Enhancements:

There have been a number of recent enhancements to Studioware since the last Newsflash:

  1. We’ve enhanced the website.  Check out the improved home page, the features and tour pages, and the testimonials at the bottom of every page.
  2. There are 2 new reports:
    • Payments Detail Report: This report details all the payments received by your business for a specified time period.
    • Payments Daily Summary Report: This report summarizes the payment transactions for a specified time period. Together with the Income Statement Report, the Accounts Receivable Analysis Report, and the Class Revenue Report, you have a financial “snapshot” of your business.
  3. When adding a financial transaction to a student’s account, you can now set the transaction date to any valid date (including dates in the past or future).
  4.  You can now filter the student grids by student status.  Additionally, you can add student statuses to help organize your student lists.  For example, you could create a student status called “Interested” and use this status to add students that expressed interest in your studio but have not enrolled in any classes:
    Student Filtering

If you have any comments or questions about Studioware, please do not hesitate to contact us at  If you forgot your Studioware account information, you can always retrieve it at

Thank you,
Studioware by QuestWare, LLC


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