Studioware June 2010 Newsletter

Studioware June 2010


Studioware Pricing Change

We’ve made an exciting change to our pricing policy.  The pricing of the Premium Edition of Studioware has been greatly simplified.  Now the Premium Edition of Studioware is simply $20 (USD) per month.  The Premium Edition allows for unlimited students, staff, classes, schedules, enrollment (including online enrollment), invoices (including electronic invoices that can be sent via email and paid online), and much more. 

Please visit to view the new pricing policy changes or to logon to your Studioware account.


 There have been a number of enhancements that have been implemented in Studioware in the last month:

  1. Executive Dashboard:
    The Executive Dashboard has been redesigned and now includes statistical information such as the number of students, a breakdown of students by status, a list of outstanding invoices, “pinned” student notes, the percentage of full classes, announcements, and various pie charts and trending graphs, such as the income chart:
    Income Chart
  2. Classes and Schedules:
    Adding a class to Studioware has been made easier.  The class name and description, schedule, tuition, instructors are now all set in one convenient web page.  The class listing has also been simplified.  It’s a lot easier to see all of your classes, schedules, and enrollment.  The links beside each class allow you to Enroll Students, View the current enrollment (including the waiting list), reschedule a class, delete a class, or view the new Class Roll Report. 
  3. Reporting:
    There is a new Class Roll Report (which displays a list of students that are enrolled in any class along with all the class dates) and a new Income Statement report that shows Income generated from tuition, sales, and registration fees along with Expenses and Taxes:
    Income Statement

We hope that you will logon to Studioware today at and check out all of the new features.  If you have any questions or comments about Studioware, please contact us at

Thank you,
          Studioware by QuestWare, LLC.


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