Studioware October 2010 Newsletter

Studioware October 2010


Thank you for being a valued Studioware user!  Studioware continues to grow every month with many new Basic and Premium Edition subscribers.  We are continuing to add enhancements to the software, and updating our articles on the Studioware Help Center.  There have been many excellent enhancement requests on

In this month's newsletter, we will present some ideas on how Studioware can save you money and help grow your business.

Did You Know?

You can try Studioware Premium Edition for Free!  Studioware has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy. If at any time you feel that Studioware is not providing the value you expect, we will happily refund the balance of your last payment and switch you back to the free Basic Edition.

You are under no obligation and can cancel  your subscription to Studioware Premium Edition at any time by clicking on the Cancel link in your account settings.

As a courtesy to our Premium Edition subscribers, we will import your student data into Studioware for Free!

Important Links:

The Basic and Premium Editions of Studioware allow for unlimited Students, Staff, Families, and Classes:

Does your current software allow for unlimited students and families?  Many studios that are NOT using Studioware are deleting their inactive students and families in order to reduce their monthly software cost.  If you are deleting your inactive students, you are loosing valuable contact information that can be used for marketing and promoting your business.  Studioware's flat $20 (USD) Premium Edition fee means that you no longer need to delete your inactive students.  With Studioware, simply set the student's status to inactive…[more information]

Studioware Tips:

  • Studioware allows you to create Custom Letters that can be emailed to students.  Here are some ideas to be creative with custom letters:

    1. For example, you could create a monthly newsletter detailing events that are occurring at <<Business Name>> .
    2. You could use custom letters to help expand your business by sending a $20 coupon, for example, to all inactive students in an attempt to get the students to return.
  • Studioware contains a full Accounts Receivable module.  Every student and family receives a financial account where financial transactions such as "tuition", "payment", "scholarship", "refunds", "purchases", "adjustments" and many more can be entered.  For example, if you need to deduct tuition from a student's account because the student has a $20 coupon, you could enter in a "tuition refund" transaction into the student's account.
  • Fees for Credit Card charges can be expensive.  Typically, a 3% fee is deducted from each credit card transactions.  With Studioware you can create and print professional-looking invoices.  The invoices can be configured to include your Business name, logo, mailing address, notes, terms, and an invoice stub (the invoices are also configured so that a student/family mailing address will be displayed through a "window" in an envelope if you wish to mail your invoices).  With a paper invoice, students/families/parents are more likely to pay with a check; This saves you the credit card transaction fees.  Of course, online payment of invoices is also available.
  • Studioware now allows you to create "hourly" classes  and  Tuition Fee Schedules.  Studioware can now calculate the number of hours of classes a student is enrolled in, and post the tuition fees to the student's account.  Studioware also automatically calculates and applies any discounts to the student's accounts.

Recent Enhancements:

Here's the most recent enhancements:

  • You can now search for students by a contact's last name…[more information]
  • The online enrollment pages have been updated. The class listing now displays the class length and tuition amount. The online registration page now prompts the parent to indicate if they will also be enrolling in classes…[more information]
  • You can now create custom fields for classes.  This is our first step in allowing the online enrollment to sort and filter classes…[more information]

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our sales department at

Thank you,
     Studioware by QuestWare, LLC.


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