Video Tutorials

March 18, 2010

We just finished our first set of Video Tutorials.  These tutorials explain the basics of Studioware.  Check them out at:

Here’s an example of a video:

This is a high-definition video, so make sure you view the video in full-screen mode !

Let us know what you think!


Progress Report

March 13, 2010

Hello All,

I apologize that it’s been while since I’ve made any posts to this Blog.  We’ve been really busy adding enhancements to Studioware.  I’m happy to say that “base” version of Studioware is complete.  All of the functionality that you need to manage your studio is available in Studioware.  You can manage your Students, Staff, Classes, Enrollment, and Accounting with Studioware.  Studioware also lets you create invoices and helps you track the invoice statuses.  Check out the new web site design too:

We are now in the process of completing the documentation and video tutorials.  We’ve created a number of video tutorials, and I think they look great!  Check them out at More videos are being added every day.

Remember, all versions of Studioware allow for an unlimited number of Students, Staff, and Classes.  Having said that, it’s important to note that Studioware by QuestWare LLC. is a business and we need to generate revenue.  Our new pricing model has been published on the web site.  Studioware’s pricing mode will follow a cost-per-student model.  There have been a number of questions about this model.  Stayed tuned for our next Blog posting that will clarify some of the pricing questions.